n official visit to India. It was tasked with examining the feasibility of such an agreement covering trade in goods and services, investment, trade facilitation, and other areas .

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llas to drug traffickers. Rivera voiced his hope that the steps to strengthen the border security would produce positive results in the fight against crimes. He also said that he ho.

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idential run-off. Humala, the candidate of the Peru Wins alliance, won 447,057 more votes than Fujimori of the Force 2011 party, the ONPE found. Out of 19.946 million registered vot.

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candidate. The president praised the government's achievements in economy, poverty fighting, healthcare and protection of citizens' rights. He said that in education, an issue that.

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and small ceremony on the ruins of the Government Palace, where Haitian police lowered the national flag. The commemoration also included one minute of silence to remember those v.

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d the plot "not just a dangerous escalation," but "part of a pattern of dangerous and reckless behavior by the Iranian government," vowing to seek the "toughest sanctions" agains .

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ccording to a statement by the U.S. embassy in Lebanon, Clements welcomed the work of Lebanon's Higher Relief Council in assisting those in need and urged "the Lebanese governmen.

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h since 2003, the national statistics office IBGE said Thursday. The figure was slightly higher than the 5.3 percent for December. Cimar Azeredo, who coordinates the IBGE's employm.

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) -- Three southern California men have broken a Guinness world record for continuous TV watching, having stared at a screen in a special Plexiglass theater for 86 hours and six m.

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