nel deploying for this mission is approximately 100," the president said, noting that they will act as advisors to partner forces that "have the goal of removing from the battlef.

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n two separate shootings Wednesday morning in Herkimer County in New York State, state police confirmed. Police said they are still hunting for the gunman, local media reported. R.

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t Barack Obama has not changed its policy toward Cuba as promised while enforcement of its 48-year trade embargo has got even stricter, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said.

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rsee and support these festivals through national fundraising and the creation of policies to ensure they reflect the same key characteristics, to support literacy, a love of rea.

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s it's stipulated in the peace plan," the Argentine Foreign Ministry said in a statement. The statement also urged armaments producing countries to stop providing weapons to partie.

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rials on major global topics. Fidel Castro speaks during a meeting with Cuban and foreign intellectuals visiting Havana's international book fair February 15, 2011.? (Xinhua/Reuter .

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23:02:14 GMT on Monday, the U.S. Geological Survey said. The epicenter, with a depth of 200.50 km, was initially determined to be at 14.5994 degrees north latitude and 90.4279 degr.

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cution of local terrorist attacks, civilians intimidation and ambushes against police force. FARC's leader Alexander Forero Betancourt, alias Alex, was captured in the country's s.

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the Washington's latest release of the Nuclear Posture Review, Seoul's foreign ministry said Tuesday. In a phone conversation earlier Tuesday with South Korean Foreign Minister Yu.

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