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mentioned quite often is Tony Nicely, the CEO of Berkshire's GEICO unit. Others include the heads of several of the conglomerate's businesses, including Burlington Northern CEO

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ll needs to close a 34-million-dollar budget gap. The reduction followed a 10 percent pay cut last year. Reduced revenue from the state and poor financial planning left the school b

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state said on Sunday. The office said in a statement that both victims were killed on Saturday night in their house of Ciudad Juarez. The incident occurred at about 9:30 p.m. Satur

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ional Assembly, so that the legislature, suspended due to "lack of guarantees," can fully exercise its constitutional power. Meanwhile, recordings of police radio traffic released

10 Health Benefits: What Secrets Do Watermelons Keep?

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the capital to start the parade, which included fighter-bombers, navy helicopters, and a squadron of six military aircraft that released colored smoke to draw Mexico's red, white

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they would disturb the ongoing investigation and violate the defendant's right to be fairly judged. The disclosure is "a victory for the people," said attorney Steven D. Zansberg

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floor, "we are going to duct tape our windows depending on the progress of the hurricane,"he said. "I've seen a bunch of our neighbors do the same." "Plus we've already put away t

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t live. Joining them were a collection of former foreign leaders like Tony Blair of Britain, Ehud Olmert of Israel, Silvio Berlusconi of Italy and John Howard of Australia as well

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" "This election is a choice. And the stakes could not be higher," Obama said. He later appeared in an event for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee alongside Senator John

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Health Benefits of a Raw Food

rbine propulsion architectures, the aerodynamics of strut/truss-braced wings, noise reduction technologies and the benefits of methane or hydrogen fuel. The team has already submit

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6 After-School Snacks the Kid Will Love

Waldron also claimed that the Bachmann campaign improperly hid payments to Kent Sorenson, an Iowa state senator who ran the Bachmann campaign in the state. Bachmann, a favorite o

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