g to FARC's negotiator Pablo Catatumbo, they want to achieve the most important demand of the Colombian people in its history. Colombians want peace, democracy, dignity and socia.

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nded over to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) after Cuba and Norway meditated for their release. According to the FARC, the general and his two companions, a co.

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rt. Meanwhile, companies are also stepping up to open the market as Netflix, widely seen as the leader in online streaming, stumbled with customers after raising prices as much as.

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to transition from an armed movement to a political movement or party. Other issues on the agenda include disarmament, compensations for victims in the five decades of fighting a.

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fashion Saturday night so as to avoid a bad precedent of dealing with demonstrators, who police sources said would possibly show up again when Chicago hosts the G8 and NATO summ.

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oth things over, he said. And the current kerfuffle may be worse than many past rows. "I think it's the worst moment in the U.S.-Israeli relations in over 30 years," said Ehud Yaar .

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rty. "I can think of no better way to celebrate Lady Liberty's 127th birthday than to welcome visitors back to the place where those ' huddled masses yearning to breathe free' fir.

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ing, through the Chinese Embassy in Chile and the consulate, the technical and operation proceedings to protect the Antarctic sea environment," the statement added. All 97 crew me.

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majority of European countries and Canada. They agreed that NATO has long been the United States' closest ally in diplomatic efforts across the globe, and that protecting the part.

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