d in a 30-car pile up Thursday along Argentina's No. 2 Highway in southern Buenos Aires province, the local Health Ministry said. The identities of the two fatal victims were not r.

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inatown. "The current situation of Chinatown is OK, but the preservation of Chinatown is a big problem," Lai said, concerned about whether the Chinatowns can exist in 30 or 40 yea.

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Petroleum (BP). U.S. President Barack Obama has described it as "national catastrophe." Castro says he believes that U.S. President Barack Obama is not responsible for the "curren.

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Minister Juan Carlos Pinzon and some 15,000 military troops. "Peace is a victory for any soldier. Peace is a victory for any police officer," said Santos, who called for a minute.

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to elect a new party leadership. The meeting, the first since 1997, should have been convened in 2002, but was delayed due to the economic emergency then and later by the health pr.

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speech, Chavez said the measure will return a total of 16,906 gold bars in foreign banks, which Venezuela has kept for years as part of its international reserves. "Venezuelan go .

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people to report it. As part of the campaign, the government is promoting its sex-crime hotline, Disk-100, which people can call to denounce child abuse. Soccer player Kaka and form.

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ss claims of how the New Zealand government was enabling mass surveillance of its own people and contributing to the "Five Eyes" multinational spy network. U.S. National Security .

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n his opening remarks at the summit called on world leaders to prevent nuclear materials from flowing into the hands of terrorists. "Two decades after the end of the Cold War, we .

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